Marc Parham is a professional speaker, business coach, trainer, and author of the book “Yes I Can – Develop My Idea and Start My Own Business”. He has been working for over 20 years to help people start and grow businesses.

One of his standard comments when asked about starting a business is..


“Remember when all the adults that we knew had a job during the day and something else they did after work or on the weekends? We didn’t have a name like entrepreneurship, we called it simply taking care of our responsibilities, this is what I am showing people how to get back to”.


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Marc Parham

The focus of the show is to continue my mission to help people start and grow their businesses. People like you! This show is all about helping you with your small business.

The guest of the show will be small business persons like yourselves that will discuss the various issues that they face on starting and growing their businesses. There will also be a segment on the show where I will do a live coaching session with a business owner to help them with something that they have questions about. My overall goal is to show you that you are not in this alone! There are others just like you having the same issues with growing their business. We will all learn from each other.


Join us Mondays from 8:30-9:30pm EST on the Survival Radio Network.

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