SRN Policies & Procedures

STUDIO LINE: (All staff members must memorize these numbers): 


SRN1: (917) 932-1078


SRN2: (347) 989-8385


STATION MANAGER: (google voice for business matters): (323) 977-8172






This station must serve the “public interest, convenience and necessity.” In other words, SRN must serve the 

public by providing information and entertainment that fulfills the public’s needs. Since SRN is broadcasted via the internet all listeners log in and listen at their descretion. Therefore, the 3 MAIN OBJECTIVES for SRN are:


1. to INFORM the public with factual information.


2. to ENTERTAIN the public.


3. to remain DIVERSE and UNBIASED.


OUR TARGET AUDIENCE: SRN strives to broadcast to our varied diverse public, including: people of all ages, race, gender, religious beliefs and socioeconomic backgrounds.


FULFILLING OUR INFORMATIONAL OBJECTIVE: SRN does this in a variety of ways, including news, sports coverage, public service announcements (PSA’s), community events, network events, interviews, community based programs, community on-air discussions, social media coverage and community based functions.


FULFILLING OUR ENTERTAINMENT OBJECTIVE: SRN does this in a variety of ways, including music and talk programs, special programs, theme shows, talk shows, holiday shows, music specials, radio plays, listener appreciation week, live event broadcasting, etc.




AN IMPORTANT PHILOSOPHICAL STATEMENT: To be a part of our network is considered a 


special privilege, and provides an experience that only a very small percentage of Blog Talk Radio 


Hosts ever receive. We at SRN are honored, proud and privileged to be one of the top networks 


on Blog Talk Radio with a reputation for positive change, and we are dedicated toward honoring 


our reputation by fulfilling our commitment to our listeners, by remaining fare and unbiased, 


hard working, and most importantly, by always “taking the high road,” in actions, in language, 


in program content, etc. We understand that in order to remain at the top our standards must 


greatly exceed those of other stations. Anyone who does not share this dedication at 


all times will not be allowed to continue the honor and privilege of being a part of 


this network. All staff members and students must follow all rules, regulations, policies, and 


procedures, must strive to be professional and appropriate, and must serve the community and 


make sure SRN is regarded positively in our community. To sum up our philosophy, all actions and 


decisions at SRN must always be dictated by the slogan, “ALWAYS TAKE THE HIGH ROAD.”








The person in charge of overseeing the day-to-day operations of the radio network, of ensuring that the station operates according to the philosophy and rules of the network, of making sure each host fulfills its objectives of informing, entertaining and educating, it is the general manager who is the point of contact for all radio show related issues and any other issues if the owner is not available. If the owner(s) are not available, the station manager has the final say on all matters. 





SRN is a RADIO NETWORK, and therefore the day-to-day operations of each show are run by the show HOSTS. Each year, the owner(s), managing director and station manager selects a group of leaders to assist in running the station. The managerial structure will vary from year to year based on network needs and goals, personal characteristics of the staff, etc. FAILURE TO DEMONSTRATE FULL RESPECT AND SUPPORT FOR ALL MANAGERS AND LEADERS WILL RESULT IN DISMISSAL FROM THE NETWORK. At SRN, we are a team, and all actions must be in support of our team, which we sum up with the 






* * * * * * * * * * * *





The entire network, relies on trust and integrity. SRN is built on committment to, “do the right thing” and to always “take the high road.” Honor and pride are mandatory character traits of all staff members. Everyone associated with the network is required to report all major infractions of rules and regulations, any abuse, loss or problem with equipment, all major problems, mistakes or deviations from the norm, and anything else that could have a negative impact on what we do or what we stand for…..Reporting should be done immediately to the teacher station manager. All infractions and problems during a show should also be entered in the discrepancy log. If you witness a major infraction or problem and fail to report it in a timely manner, you may be dismissed from the network. Furthermore, the SRN honor code requires “SELF REPORTING,” which means that all staff members are required to immediately report their own infractions. Failure to self-report in a timely fashion may result in dismissal from the program. ALL HOSTS ARE REQUIRED TO ACT HONORABLY AT ALL TIMES, and must NEVER BETRAY THE TRUST granted to them as members of the network.


* * * * * * * * * * * *





Everyone associated in any way with the radio station and the networkis required to conduct himself/herself in a professional, courteous, respectful, law-abiding manner. Being associated with the radio station is a privilege, and must be treated as such at all times. Even when not involved in station activities, a staff member is still always a representative of the station. Any action that reflects poorly on the station, the program or the staff may result in consequences, including dismissal from the network.


1. Broadcasters must use appropriate actions (on and off the air).


2. Anyone associated with the network in any way is expected to only speak positively about SRN and the Survival Radio Network brand at all times. Negative talk about the station or about any individual member of the station or network is grounds 


3. Everyone must be treated with respect at all times. The network will not tolerate harassment of any kind.


4. Everyone must always show respect for all managers, leaders, etc. (and their decisions).


5. SRN, is a HIGH ROAD NETWORK. Anyone associated with the program must act responsibly and with honor, must strive to 


“do the right thing,” and must “take the high road” at all times.


EXAMPLES OF PROPER CONDUCT: (This is not an all-inclusive list)





1. The ENGINEER: Engineering and taking charge of a show requires a valid SRN Engineering Certificate. Each engineer will be provided training and upon completion will receive a certificate. If you are a host and would like to engineer you must also complete this training. The engineer is ultimately in charge and responsible for everything that goes out over the air. However, everyone involved in a show can be held accountable for any infractions and could face consequences. All live shows must be engineered. All engineers are required to give 72 hours notice if they are unavailable to engineer a show and must first work with the show hosts in finding a replacement engineer before contacting the station manager. 


2. EQUIPMENT: Nobody is allowed to use network equipment or to log into the back office without the permission of the station manager, managing director and owner(s). Use of equipment is always under the condition that the user takes full responsibility and will be responsible for restitution (paying for) all broken or missing equipment. WILLFUL ABUSE, MISUSE OR THEFT OF EQUIPMENT MAY RESULT IN DISMISSAL AND OTHER POSSIBLE LEGAL CONSEQUENCES. The station manager must be notified as soon as any equipment problem exists. USE OF EQUIPMENT IS STRICTLY ON BEHALF OF SRN AND MAY NOT BE USED FOR PERSONAL EVENTS OR BROADCASTS.


3. SHOW SHEETS/LOGS: Show Sheets and Logs are REQUIRED documents that must be kept in the network public file for 1 year. Logs must be typed or filled out in ink or online, neatly, correctly, and completely. All log times must be followed. All members of a show must sign on andoff. The engineer is responsible for the log, but the hosts are responsible for completing and submitting the log to the station manager within 48 hours of their show. All major errors, changes, straying from the format or log, problems, incidents of leaving the studio, etc. should be noted in the log.


4. PROFESSIONAL COURTESY: At SRN, we strive to be professional at all times, and that means all staff members are expected to show “professional courtesy” at all times. Anything you can do to show professional courtesy to another teammate, should be done. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER !!!




7. NEWS: Our news functions are at the core of what we do and at the core of how we fulfill our license requirements. News must be taken seriously at all times. Dedication is required. All news rules must be followed at all times. The most important rule about news is: Be correct and factual. This includes being objective (having no bias or opinions in your news stories). Show hosts may give opinions as long as they are fair to all sides and not personal attacks, but if they are your opinions please make sure you clarify that to the audience.





KNOW!!!!!! No broadcaster should EVER put himself or herself in any kind of danger. While securing equipment is important in other cases, in emergency situations, the priority becomes YOU and your peers. If for any reason you have to abandon any equipment, then you should note it on the discrepancy log and let the audience know what happened.


2. NETWORK IDENTIFICATION: At the half way point of each show you should pause for network 

identification. “You are listening to the Survival Radio Network,” and where possible when calling 

your show name be sure to include SRN. Always include the Network name when signing off the 




 The engineer is responsible for making sure of the following:


1. Network ID is given at the start and end of all shows (not an FCC requirement, but still desired by the management at our school radio station.)


2. Whenever a microphone is turned on, some sort of I-D is stated before the microphone is turned off.


3. No more than two songs are ever played in a row without stating an I-D or playing a sweeper in between.


4. Never go from a song into a spot, or from a spot into a song, without either stating an “I-D” or using a bumper. (If you don’t follow this rule, then it is considered “crashing” which is considered a bad thing in radio.)

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