Narrative Feature “Viva” directed by Paddy Breathnach

April 8, 2016


The fun and excitement continue at the Atlanta Film Festival. Day 5 was full of information and entertainment.  I had a chance to see a well-made film narrative feature entitled “Viva.”


This is the story of a young man’s journey to fulfilling his dream.  However, along the way his father abruptly and rather violently re-enters his life.  Jesus is a young man living in Havana, Cuba.  He is a hairstylist at a Havana night club that features drag queens.  His dream is to become a drag queen performer and grace the stage of the club.  As he begins his journey, his father re-enters his life.  His father left when Jesus was 3 years old.  He was later jailed and has now returned.  He is not happy with his son’s chosen lifestyle and professions.  His father was a former boxer and, let’s just say, having a son as a drag queen did not go over well.


Jesus also has issues with his absentee father and finds it difficult to re-connect.   As the film unfolds the two come to terms with themselves, and with each other as they reconcile as family.  “Viva” is an excellent film but it did challenge my listening skills because the film was in Spanish.  I’m a bit rusty on my Spanish. LoL. Close caption is a beautiful thing. 



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