Morris From America (movie review)

April 13, 2016


“Morris From America” is a delightful and humorous film about a 13 year old African American boy growing up in Heidelberg, Germany.  Definitely the proverbial “fish out of water” scenario. Curtis Gentry (played by Craig Robinson) is Morris’ father who has taken a job in Heidelberg as a staff member for a German soccer team. After the death of his wife, Curtis is faced with the reality of raising his son alone in a foreign country away from family, friends and all things familiar. Morris (played by Markees Christmas in his breakout performance) is a young man who is already at a stage of his life that is traditionally tumultuous. The teen years!  His journey to discovering who he is as a young man is further complicated by growing up in a foreign country where no one looks like him.  This does not deter Morris’ passion for rap music and his pursuit of being a rapper.  To add to the growing drama, is his attraction to a German classmate.  This “moth to the fire” attraction brings the story line to a dramatic climax (in more than one way) as Morris gets stranded in Stuttgart and is rescued by his father who declares that “love will make you do some stupid s _ _ _ _.”  Morris is puzzled as to how his father knew it was about a girl that was at the root of his present condition.  His father simply states “Son, it’s always about a girl.” Hmmm….the ladies may beg to differ. LoL.  Morris From America, a wonderful film featured at The Atlanta Film Festival and directed by Chad Hartigan.



Directed by Chad Hartigan



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