The Dream Project 2016: Unleash the Creator Within

April 26, 2016


I am always inspired, educated, and encouraged when I attend The Dream Project. This year was no different. Teneshia Jackson Warner CEO and Founder of EGAMI Group and The Dream Project, once again, delivered a powerful informative content filled conference.


We often hear that the majority of our success is dependent upon what is going on between our ears. The mindset can drive success or failure and one has to believe in self and the dream that is within. Teneshia shared, in the opening session, her story of persistence and determination in pursuing her dream. “We must all speak to the creator within and acknowledge that a dream has been given to us by the Master Creator. We have a responsibility to pursue that dream and to allow it the space to fully unfold and to be in sync with the Creator’s destination for us.”


The Dream Project was started in 2013 with an “Imagination” theme. Walt Disney convinced people to pay to hang out with a mouse! Think about that. You and I have been convinced to pay our hard earned money to hang out with a mouse and his friends. LoL! In 2014 All Dreamers Must be Gladiators. We always come up against obstacles that we must fight and overcome. In 2015 “To Dream is to Stretch. “ You must stretch which is the expansion necessary to become the best version of yourself. This year’s theme “Unleash the Creator Within”, explored what may be hindering that creativity and what needs to be done allow it to manifest.


In the general session there was an awesome exercise the participants were asked to complete. Each participant was given an easel with a 5x7 canvas set on it. The audience as asked to draw or write the dream that is within them. It was a great visual opportunity to express and declare the vision.


The breakout sessions were great! You not only came away inspired, but you came away with something that you could actually implement! “You Should Really Write a Book” conducted by Regina Brooks, was full of A-Z information on what you need to consider and do when writing a book. “How to Achieve Success as Mom-Preneur” was an encouraging session for mothers who desire to balance family with a career. Great tangible ideas on how to do so! If the belief is that the Creator planted the seed dream then “Good Idea” or “God Given Idea,” and “God is my CEO” were thought provoking sessions that encouraged the attendees to seek Divine Guidance on their journey to fulfilling their dream.


There was so much more than time and space will allow me to share. Suffice to say that next year…..YOU need to be at the Dream Project 2017. Whether you are just thinking about pursuing your dream, you are at the beginning stages and don’t have a clue as to how to start or you are a seasoned entrepreneur, makes plans to attend The Dream Project 2017.

Submitted by,

Paula G (Contributing Writer)
“The Paula G Show”
Survival Radio Network


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