SurgeTV Plans to Change the Television Distribution Game

June 1, 2016

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SurgeTV Plans to Change the Television Distribution Game


Atlanta based streaming platform, SurgeTV ( is looking to shake up the entertainment industry. With diversity and inclusion at the forefront of discussions about the entertainment industry, SurgeTV is looking to change the game. Offering programs made by a diverse roster of independent artists, Surge offers a stage for artists to showcase their work.


SurgeTV is a commercial free streaming network that operates with the support of members. Members pay a small $12 per year membership fee to watch all of the available programs on the network for that year. The $12 annual membership fee is used to directly support the creation of programs by independent artists. Programs are all original and independently produced.


SurgeTV is the brainchild of author and talk radio entrepreneur Klarque Garrison. Garrison founded his Atlanta based, online talk radio network Survival Radio Network in 2012 with the aim of providing top notch programming to inspire, motivate and educate listeners worldwide. With 34 unique programs and over One and a half million listeners, SRN has grown significantly since its 2012 launch.


Operating similarly to a co-op, each SurgeTV contributor will share in the profits of the company during their participation time. Sharing in the profits of the network, each year Surge offers new content creators the opportunity to take part in the co-op. Surge TV will distribute 55% of company profits among content creators equally. None of the creators will ever receive any less than 1% of the profits; meaning that SURGE will offer no more than 50 slots to content creators at any one given time. Creators participate free of charge and share in the profits of the network. The intention of the network is to support the indie community, creative content, diversity in the film and television community and offer a unique viewing experience.


Filmmakers have the opportunity to work with other filmmakers to promote their work alongside other filmmakers, compounding their audience. SurgeTV offers filmmakers time and a platform to nurture an audience and create a buzz. While platforms like YouTube are an easy distribution option, your content is quickly buried among the millions of daily content entries. SurgeTV offers a community where content is jointly promoted.



Klarque Garrison



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