SRN Training Videos

SRN "Hangout" Training

Dr. Maiysha Clairborne

Aug. 23rd

Sept. 6 w. Jasmine O'Day

Sept. 27 Michael McFadden

Nov. 1st Marc Parham

Jan.24th Training/info....

Add people to FB Group

Nov. 15th Eric Moncrief & Marianne Pestana

How to find & post your show AND download your shows...

Feb. 28st Training w. Roz Dodd

Get to know the website...

Feb. 14th Training/info....

Mar. 14th Training w. Paula G.

Oct. 18 Elliott Robinson

Jan.17th w. Barrett Matthews

Feb. 21st Training/info....

Mar. 21st Training

Ramone Garrett breaks it down

Engineering Training

Beginning 101 pt1.

Beginning 101 pt2.

How to load a show

Live Show review

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