Brian Joubert, FounderL&B Tax Service, Inc. Entrepreneurs aren't made they are born. Heading towards its fifteenth year, L&B has grown from a home-office in Mableton in Metro Atlanta to six locations that include Houston and New Orleans.


L & B Tax Service, Inc., is a family owned full service financial provider. It was established in 1996 by Brian & Lori Joubert. Our goal is to become the client’s link to financial growth and independence. Through our knowledge and assistance we can help clients gain and retain financial stability.


L & B Tax Service, Inc. is highly dedicated to providing superior customer service, starting with dependable and enthusiastic employees who deliver the highest level of quality and professional service to each and every client. We encourage employees to work productively, show initiative and share our mission and vision.

Brian Joubert

Tony Fleming

Mr. Tony Fleming Is the embodiment of extremely awesome leadership as he teaches with great conviction the art of building a lucrative business from home. Mr. Fleming has helped thousands to create an incredible income from home which subsequently has awarded him that handsome income and lifestyle for himself and his family. 


Mr. Fleming was concerned about the lack of high quality and high morals in leadership in this industry and set out to be the forerunner of both. He founded, THE ELITE TEAM. The Concept of The Elite Team was created in 1999 in Atlanta Georgia, which means, “Every Leader In Time Excels”. “We believe the key ingredients in becoming successful in life and business is personal development, being consistent, sacrifice and remaining focused,” Says Mr. Fleming.


Mr. Fleming and The Elite Team have put a system in place that will move you closer to really achieving your goals and dreams. As a result he truly lives an outrageous life, one we all have dreamed of. And he won’t rest until he has duplicated himself in you! 

Recent Guests...

Chubb Rock

Legendary Rapper & Radio Show host

Tarra Jackson

Financial guru

Melanie Thomas

Financial Expert

From the Basement to the Boardroom is in its 4 year running. We interview people who's journies will inspire, motivate or educate our listners. We've interviewed athletes, singers, actors, philosophers, educators, meta physicians, holistic practitioners, and more. This award winning show believes in having an organic approach to speaking with our guest not to our guests. Michele and Klarque make a wonderful tandum bringing a unique perspective to each and every program. 

Want To Be A Guest?

If you're looking to be a guest on "From the Basement to the Boardroom" just email us at ( and be sure to let me know name, contact info, head shot and what topic you'd like to discuss! 


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